2014 Year In Review

Photos By: The Whole WR Crew     

It’s that time of year again… the time when we all swear off booze for the coming year and make a “serious” commitment to eat healthy. I think we all know how that one plays out... It’s also the time of year when we look back and reflect on the year that was. For us here at Winged Reel, 2014 was a huge year! We were fortunate enough to have the chance to meet some great people and learn a lot along the way. We feel like we accomplished a lot but still have a long way to go as we strive to continue to bring all of you our perspective on our passion for fly fishing and the people involved.

Looking Back:
Right out of the gates we were off to a fast start. Our video Freezin’, the first released in 2014, has been the most successful video we’ve created to date. As I write this Freezin’ has had over 6K views and was shared by Orvis, Patagonia, and Midcurrent to name a few. Our other videos have enjoyed great success as well including our latest; ‘Winter Fish Reel’, which has over 1700 views in a little over a week! We owe a special thanks to the folks over at Orvis for sharing each of our videos. Without those guys we definitely wouldn’t have enjoyed the success behind the lens that we have this year.

2014 was also a solid year on the social media front. We crossed the 1K mark on both Twitter and Instagram and have increased our followers 5x on our refocused Facebook page. We’ve also expanded to YouTube and look forward to expanding on these milestones in 2015.

We sold a lot of our five panel and trucker hats in 2014 and we were fortunate enough to have them on the heads of a lot of our social media followers, including Cameron Mortenson over at the Fiberglass Manifesto.

On top of all of the success we had this past year we were able to travel and fish some awesome places as well. We made several trips to some of our neighboring states including North Carolina and some DIY salt action in South Carolina. Maybe the most important trip was taken by WR contributor Pete, to Missoula. Pete got the ball rolling on some cowboy adventures out west by taking the initial scouting trip. We have plans in 2015 to do a lot more traveling including a return trip to MT.

Looking Forward:
While we feel like we built a solid foundation of where we are going in 2014 we want to bring all of you more in the coming year. We are working hard heading into the New Year to expand our reach in all aspects including our website, photographs, video, and apparel.

We are currently working on increasing our video production and hope to have some exciting news to report in 2015. We have strived to find the best streams in the southeast and hope to expand our travel in 2015. We have also recently acquired additional equipment to make sure we are bringing you the best shots we can from all of our excursions.

Justin is envisioning a new look for the website. While what we have has suited us, we want the site to develop as we continue to grow to better suit our followers. Look for a fresh look and update in the coming months that makes the site easier for those on mobile applications and hopefully provides a cleaner look at all the content we want to provide.

If you’ve seen some of our WR hats floating around social media you’ll be excited to know that we have an artist edition hat in the works for 2015. In addition to the artist edition hat, we are looking to expand the retail line in 2015 so be sure and stop by the site from time to time.

Overall 2014 was amazing year for us and at times it’s hard to get our heads around the support we’ve gotten from all of our fans and followers. We feel like we’re just getting warmed up and have some even bigger things in the works for 2015. In the end we want to thank all of you for following along and we hope to have a chance to get out on the water with some of you. One of the coolest things about the fly fishing community for us is getting out there and meeting the truly awesome folks in our sport, and paying it forward to those who are new to fly fishing. We hope you all have a happy holiday and a very fishy 2015!