Apple of my Eye


Written By: Justin Dobson - Photos By: Katie Lloyd

I consider myself very fortunate to have a wonderful little girl in my life.  She was born with the same inquisitive spirit and passion for adventure as her father and all that’s needed is for me to expose her to the fertilizer that will feed her soul and allow that gratefulness for nature to grow.  I’m amazed that besides being tainted by all things society says a girl doesn’t do, she still trusts in her Dad and finds an interest in holding “slimy fish” and searching under rocks for insects fish may be feeding on.  Grown women can’t even hold a fish without screaming, or forge ahead on a trail when there is a snake in it.  But my little Lulu finds great pleasure in sending all our fish back home after admiring them and traveling down the path less travelled by kids her age and gender.  She’s only 6, and I jokingly call her the prodigy but I’m amazed how much we share in common.  One day I’m sure she’ll figuratively fill my wading boots, and maybe even out fish her Dad.

I’m so proud of her.