Art in the World of New Age Fly Fishing


Yep.  I doodle.  Always have.  I’ve combined my passion for fishing and an interest in traditional tattoo art to come up with a set of prismacolor and ink drawings which I’m giving a peek of (final set will be four and include a brookie and cutty).  Before you assume I’m a hipster for jumping on the Sailor Jerry Band Ship, let me elaborate on a few things about me and my inspiration for these.

My grandfather (Pepé) was a WWII Navy man, and just one hell of a great man all around.  He was an artist who tinkered, painted, and built creations from wood.  He also had some cool old Navy ink which I had always admired.  He always encouraged my imagination, creativity and taught me patience through his own.

I value the criticism as well.  It helped me identify my own art.  Art classes left one lesson imprinted on my mind:  “When you see things in the world, do they have a black outline around them?” – Mr. Burns c.1995.  I’m still outlining inblack. Because that’s just what I like to do, and it’s hard to imagine any great old school Hannah Barbara cartoon (Johnny Quest, Space Ghost, Herculoids, etc.) without a black outline. Maybe one day I’ll have a job illustrating coloring books for kids.  Big, black, thick outlines.

Besides old tattoos and cartoons, of course, I think fishing is pretty cool.  But it hasn’t always been.  Seems like there is a much younger, cooler crowd (punks says the man with the pipe and Filson vest) involved in the sport.  What once was a stuffy sport for old men has now spread to crowds of guys and gals of all ages and backgrounds.  I think my art may be appreciated more now amongst those who love to fish than it would be say 10 or 15 years ago by the codgers at the Elks Lodge fly tying convention.