Do You Keep a Fishing Journal?

Written By: Pete Photo By: Justin Dobson

For as long as I have been fishing seriously keeping a journal is something I have always thought about. It started when I was living in Charleston, SC and was thinking about how to track the Mahi or Sailfish up and down the Gulf Stream as the seasons changed. I thought by recording locations, moon patterns, and water temperatures that maybe it would help our fishing in the coming years. We never did keep records but it was something we constantly discussed.

When I moved back inland I didn’t think of it as much as I have never been serious enough about freshwater spin fishing to honestly keep track of the environmental factors. (Probably the reason I am not a very good freshwater spin fisherman) Then I picked up a fly rod. I noticed very quickly how important being aware of your surroundings is. With hatch charts, wind, sunlight, and temperature becoming major factors to consistently catching fish I was back at square one. Should I be keeping a journal?

Being competitive by nature I am always look for anything that will give me the slightest advantage. Maybe keeping a journal will provide no help at all but it can’t hurt right? Anything that could help remind me of what streams or flies or conditions I have fished in the past and what worked well has to help right? That is my thought anyway. A year later I am still at the same point, failure to launch. I have talked about it multiple times with Jamie and despite that have yet to do anything.

I figured I would put it out to the larger audience. Do any of you keep a journal? If so does it help? I am hoping that this will help settle my decade long question once and for all and I can either make a purchase or retire the idea forever.

-Tight Lines