G Loomis NRX LP

Written By: Pete - Photos By: Pete & Jamie Keown     

When I first looked at investing in a new high end rod, I will be the first to admit that Loomis was not at the top of the list.  After spending countless hours researching the likes of Winston, Sage, Scott, Hardy and many others online I stumbled upon a couple reviews of the NRX LP and decided to dig a little deeper.  Being a relatively new angler to the sport I was looking for a 5 wt that was extremely versatile.  While I will continue to buy new toys my current use for a 5 wt spans from fishing small streams with micro dries to trying to catch trophy caliber trout in larger rivers that require long casts to highly pressured and easily spooked fish.

I can tell you that from the first time I went to the store to pick up my new NRX LP it has not disappointed.  Every component of the rod from the protective case to the unbreakable one foot guides are really top notch.  As soon as I put the rod in play I could see a difference from my previous rod in both accuracy and presentation.  At short distances the accuracy was spot on and the presentation was superb.  When I decided to open it up a little bit at the pond behind my house I found my casts over 50 feet to be much more accurate and it seemed effortless to get the line out there.  I could also tell in the wind that the casting ability of this rod gave me greater control than anything else I have tried.  The tight loops this rod allows for with a decent casting technique will allow the average angler to immediately become a better caster.  I have been able to make 30 foot casts in mountain holly covered streams I would have never considered in the past.

All in all this is a great rod and although the price tag isn’t cheap if you are looking to make an investment I find this rod to have many great features for the price point and I do believe there is value.

Hats off to G Loomis and Steve Rajeff for creating a true 5 wt rod that isn’t too stiff and allows us anglers looking for a versatile rod to have great accuracy and presentation at short distances but also can hit those long distance casts with great accuracy.

Tight Lines,