Open Season Vol. 2 (follow-up)

Photos By: Jamie Keown & Brent Davis     

Last month Jamie had written about the proposed changes to the Georgia trout season and upcoming public meetings to gauge opinions.  I had the opportunity of attending the meeting at Red Top Mountain in Cartersville on a night that was so cold it kept most from attending.  There Jeff Durniak, the Region Fisheries Supervisor for the GA DNR Fisheries Management Section gave a great presentation which proved the staff at GA DNR had done some extensive homework.

I was surprised the effect regional flooding had on trout populations.  Much more than human impact.  It's a thought I often pondered but only extensive stream studies over a number of years (and well spent tax dollar salaries) could prove.  Another surprising element was that of cultural differences.  Even though they weren't represented at the meeting, Jeff expressed that many locals enjoy the tradition of "opening day" as and local businesses also profit from the increased business this event brings, therefore some oppose the proposal.

From the opinions expressed at the hearing I attended and those noted from the Gainesville meeting, I feel they yays will have outnumbered the nays and by next November there may be many more options available for a Winter outing.

Read more info about the GA DNR study, click here.