Klean Kanteen

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Review – Klean Kanteen

Over the past few years, my wife has been doing a lot of reading and research into health and general wellness.  One of the things that she, like many others, has identified as an area of concern is what containers we use for our drinks.  I have been using various plastic containers when going venturing outdoors on hiking trips and fishing outings for years.  Not only are there multiple reports and studies that indicate plastic containers release toxins into the contained beverage, they don’t do a great job insulating your drink of choice.

Enter the Klean Kanteen…

There are a lot of features about these bottles, and you’ll be best served to read up about them (and the company) on www.kleankanteen.com.

My cash has been spent on the insulated bottles.  Fishing in the middle of a Georgia summer isn’t for the faint of heart, and nothing is worse than being out on the water when its 98 degrees out with the humidity hovering at 80% and all you have to drink is that 85 degree water in your plastic jug

Just like anything I have ever owned, there are drawbacks with this product.  First, they ain’t cheap…no matter which version you choose (although they do closeout some models/colors occasionally).  Second, they’ll fake you out…HARD.  The insulated bottles feel like they hold a ton of fluid by both the weight and sheer size of the bottle, but they don’t. You’ll know it the first time you tip it up thinking you’ve got one more gulp, but alas, you only get two drops with a side of disappointment.  Lastly, and this may be a minor gripe, certain finishes can slick.  It would be great if there was some texture to the glossy-finished bottles.

Even with these drawbacks, I have officially retired my Nalgeens…