Orvis Guide Waders

Longterm review - Orvis Silver Sonic Guide Waders

In order to appreciate this review, you need to know a little of the backstory that lead to this purchase. Years ago, Orvis used to hold what they called “Tent Sales”. There would be numerous facilities around the country where Orvis would basically sell off old stock at seriously low prices. It was at one of these events probably 10 years ago, where I bought my first pair of “real” waders: a pair of the old Orvis Guide waders. These were not your average pair of Orvis waders, these were refurbished and had lots of seam sealer on them. Other than the sealant, they were pristine and I was quite happy with my $40.00 dollar purchase.

I used and abused those waders for years bashing them through briars, taking spills on jagged rock, and sliding down embankments of my backside. To their credit, they held up well…way better than I would have expected for the mere $40.00 I shelled out for them.

Their durability certainly influenced my next wader purchase, the Orvis Silver Sonic Guide Waders. I was considering options from the other major brands, but once I tried these on, I had no need to look any further. And the first time I donned these on the water, I knew my decision was spot on.

These things are quite comfortable, even while fishing in 80 degree heat. You’re gonna sweat in any waders on a sunny, 80 degree Georgia day, but good breathability does go a long way. There are two fixed interior pockets (one being mesh) that are perfectly sized for wallets, cell phones, or things of that nature. There is also a clear, removable, waterproof pouch that is great for fishing licenses and maps. There is also a zippered exterior chest pocket with a welded (water-resistant) and hand warmer pockets that have a very thin micro-fleece type lining. There are also two loops on the exterior pocket that are perfect for pliers and to pin on zingers.


The booties fit well and the gravel guides do as they should. The legs are roomy, but there isn’t an overabundance of material flapping in the wind. The stretch waist belt is excellent as are the mesh suspenders. There are some other factors that we often don’t think about when purchasing waders like; how noisy are they when hiking into a stream, how easy can you grasp the zipper pulls, and where do the suspender adjusters lie on my shoulders?

These questions bring about my few small issues that I have with these waders. I had the zipper pull on the exterior chest pocket come off and the suspender adjusters happen to fall on my right shoulder at the precise point where my sling rides. Like I said, minor issues that are easily remedied, but should be considered when making any wader purchase.

Over the last year or so, these waders have been superb. Comfy, quiet, not even a hint of a leak, and extremely durable. Knowing Orvis stands behind their products only solidifies my purchase and recommendation of these waders to anyone.