Spring Jailbreak

Photos By: Justin Dobson     

As I headed out on a rare Wednesday off, I found myself going against the grain.  Traffic poured into the city in the pre-dawn hours, and I was one of the only ones headed out.  It’s a feeling of freedom I rarely savor.  It’s like a jailbreak from the stress of being confined to the four walls of my office.  Of course with this freedom came a price.  For the first time in at least 6 months, while the rest of my fishing friends had their nose to the grindstone, I found myself fishing alone.

This whole trip had spawned from a last minute donation from a local fly shop employee.  It was his reserved spot on the “by reservation only” creek I enjoy fishing, and I just happen to have a personal day at work just waiting to be burned up.  Spring is definitely here, and signs were all around.  Some things I may have missed or not paid particular notice of if I had been gabbing with a buddy.  Fishing alone gives you plenty of time to contemplate a lot of things.  That is, all the things worth thinking about outside of fishing. Once I was done with the day, I felt I had been reset.  Once again prepared to battle traffic on a Thursday morning that felt suspiciously like a Monday.  Being off on a Wednesday feels so wrong, and I don't want to be right.

Many thanks to Jeff atAlpharetta Outfitters http://alpharettaoutfitters.com/.  If you live near or plan on visiting the Atlanta area to fish, this is a shop like no other.  I have only recently started visiting the shop.  There are a few local shops with huge selections, this isn't one of them.  But what it is, are good folks who won't steer you wrong and won't hesitate to throw you some knowledge on what's fishing good.  You may not find your favorite brand here, however I can almost guarantee you won't find another Jeff in any other Atlanta area fly shop.  Solid guy without a doubt.