Bucket List

Wet Dreams, Vol. 2

When Justin mentioned doing a series of post's dedicated to our "bucket list" fishing trips, my mind instantly began to race. Like Justin, I spend a lot of time dreaming about fishing far off locales and even more time trying to figure out how to make it happen. Most of us aren't fortunate enough to be able to ride off into the sunset at the drop of hat. Aside from the money, the biggest hurdle is finding the free time. Most of us answer to the man from 8 to 5 and to the family the rest. Those that are fortunate enough to travel the world and fish, consider this guy jealous of you! Again like Justin, my first bucket list trip has been there since I picked this sport up many years ago. I cut my teeth fishing the Chattahoochee River for trout and have always been a trout guy at heart. Big Brown Trout really get my motor going. And while I think the south is way underrated when it comes to fishing opportunities on the fly, specifically trout, my mind as a young fly flinger was constantly wandering to the crystal clear waters of New Zealand and the over-sized Brown's that inhabit its waters.

The south island has been drawing fly fisherman to its bright blue waters for many years. Rivers like the Mataura, which runs through the town of Gore, (known as the Brown Trout capital of the world) are known for not only their beautiful scenery but also their high density of 2 to 5 lb Brown's. The opportunities on New Zealand's south island range from from spring fed creeks, to glacial lakes and from some easily accessed locations to heli-fishing trips. The south islands numerous rivers are noted for their reliable hatches and if you're unfamiliar with the year of the mouse, do yourself a favor and check out On The Fly Production's 2006 film "Once in a Blue Moon". If the footage from that film doesn't make you want to hop a plane the next day then you may want to have your pulse checked! Seeing footage of huge Rainbows devouring mouse patterns will ruin anyone, much less a young kid with Trout fever. Trips to the south island can run upwards of $8,000 for 7 days, but you can't put a price on a bucket list trip can you?

Drop us a comment if you have a far off destination that keeps waking you up at night with damp sheets!