Sage Accel

Sage Accel: Smooth As Silk

After being gifted a new Sage Domain reel for my birthday this year by my super sweet and exceptionally beautiful girlfriend, I knew I needed to get a new stick to pair with this badass new reel. It’s been awhile since I’ve purchased a new rod and since that time, conservatively, I would estimate that there have been easily over 1,000 new models introduced touting the latest and greatest advancements in super high modulus graphite resin nano particles or something to that affect. In simple terms, for the vast majority of these rods, all of that high tech speak means fast. Unfortunately for me (or maybe fortunately) I’ve never been one to be scientific. I don’t see naturals flying around the river and instantly spout out their scientific name. The same thing goes for rod technology. All of the fancy lingo honestly means nothing to me. I just know how they feel and what I like. By now I’m sure those reading this are saying, now wait a minute. All of the high tech lingo doesn’t necessarily mean fast! Just to clarify; I realize this. But, there has been a huge push in fly rod production over the last several years to manufacture rods that are basically cannons. These rods are capable of creating super high line speeds which in turn allow the angler to easily bomb 100 ft plus casts. Don’t get me wrong, those rods definitely have their place. Hell I even own several that I’ve equipped with green distance backing, because these rods will really lay it down! For me though I do a lot of trout fishing and it’s hard to beat a rod that is a little slower and loads slightly deeper. If you’re like me, then Sage’s new Accel rod will tickle your fancy, much like it did mine.

The Accel uses Sage’s generation 5 technology and is advertised as a medium-fast rod. It’s definitely beautiful to look at, but we all know the fish could give two shits less about that. The good news is this rod performs as well as it looks. When I first cast the Accel I was blown away at how smooth the rod felt and my ability to really feel the rod load. It’s light in the hand and has, in my opinion, one of the most sensitive tips on a fly rod that I’ve seen in a long time. I’ve thrown nymph rigs, dries, and dry dropper rigs with this rod and it handled all of them with exceptional grace. Mending feels effortless and casts of 60 ft with indicator nymph rigs were also easily accomplished with the Accel. I’ve handed the rod off to others on recent trips and all who cast the rod agree that it is a great do-it-all rod and were shocked by its midrange price point.

I know it has been said over and over, but it’s worth mentioning that you should always try and swing by a shop to cast rods before making a purchase. Fly rods are like women (or men for the lady anglers) and no one size fits all. Bottom line the new Accel is a fantastic rod and I urge you to give it throw if you’re in the market for a new rod. It won’t disappoint!