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SmithFly Digi-Pouch

In prior years, I was toting around a Pelican case to carry my camera gear. It is big, bulky, obviously rigid, and limited my options in fishing packs. I got to a point where I was tired of carrying a normal-sized backpack on day trips. I found myself getting immensely frustrated with the routine of unpacking the case, taking out the camera shooting, then repacking it all away. Worse than that, I was missing a lot of opportunities for photos simply because I couldn’t get to my camera quickly and easily. I needed to find a solution and a viable one at that. Then it happened, the angels of Google provided me a name…SmithFly. I hit up their site and was amazed at the simplicity of their products. I saw the Digi-pouch and I knew it was meant for me. It was my solution. On top of that, SmithFly products are made in the U.S.A. I was sold.

About a week later, a beautiful brown box was on my doorstep when I got home from the 9-5. I didn’t even open the door to the house before I opened the box.

After close to two years of use; it was, and still is, perfect. I don’t have any other of the items from the SmithFly collection, but I’m hoping to change that soon. In all it's use, it hasn’t leaked a drop…ever. It has been bashed through the dense rhododendron of Appalachia, braved the rain and snow, as well as some salt water adventures and nothing has phased this pack. At no time did I ever worry of losing any of my gear to water damage.

This pack is built by a fishing oriented company, but I would want this pouch even if I didn’t fish at all. With the Molle system and the two button-fastened straps on the back, you can attach this thing to a myriad of packs, belts, or anything else that you can think of.

Two pieces of advice if you are thinking about picking one of these packs up: 1) don’t wait, and you’ll be glad you didn’t, and 2) get the optional padding. I would bet $1,000 that padding has saved my camera and/or lens on numerous occasions. This pack is the camera bag you have been looking for; American made, durable, and adaptable. If you carry a camera outdoors; get one…seriously, do you self a favor and get one.