Thanks to WR Friends and Supporters

Photos Submitted by Friends, Supporters and IG followers     

This Winged Reel site had VERY humble beginnings in 2012.  I’m so grateful for the good times I’ve had with the people I’ve met along the way.  When a few years back someone commented that they'd love to see the logo on a hat I didn’t take the suggestion too seriously, but decided to pull the trigger on an order of a few dozen.  Those hats ended up in the hands of some people who are just as passionate about fly fishing as I was.  Now several dozens later, it’s been awesome to see where they have turned up and some of the stories that have gone along with the photos I received.  We joke about them being lucky, but I got photos in the last few weeks from Dorn Brown of SC and our pal Kyle Askew from our home state of GA who purchased hats and it looks like the legend may have some truth behind it.  Excellent fish Dorn and Kyle!  Here are just a few others selected from past and present.  If you have any of your own, send them to us.  We love to see them and hear your stories.