The Bass and Ass Show

Photos by: Jamie Keown/Justin Dobson     

Spring is in the air, it’s the time of year the bass and bow’s start to do the nasty and the burden of wearing waders will soon be a distant memory. Sure we fish year round and don’t get me wrong; some of the best fishing can be had during the winter months, when most are huddled around a warm fire you’re often left alone in the peace of all to catch trout until your heart’s content. There’s just something about spring…waking up early to throw dries at risers, or tossing poppers in the evening on the local farm pond. It’s as if everything is awakening from a long nap, you know the kind you’d like to take but time doesn’t allow.

Spring is also the start of our trips to Pop’s pond. Pop’s pond belongs to Kyle’s (or KPV as we call him) grandpa. Pop’s pond is a magical oasis on the outskirts of the town we live in. (If I told you anymore than that about the location, well I’d have to kill you.) The pond is your typical farm pond or in Pop’s case it’s more of a lake. It’s slam full of fish and rarely sees any pressure. It’s one of those spots that you hear guys talking about over beers at a bar, discussing how in the hell they’ll ever gain access to such a magical place. I’ve been fishing Pop’s for several years and throughout this time KPV has always made it a point to remind me that there are some big bass in Pop’s pond.

We had already made several trips to Pop’s this spring and I had been trying to convince JD to join us, but life always seemed to get in the way as it usually does. Finally last Saturday everyone’s schedule aligned and with warmer temps forecasted we decided to get an early start in hopes of getting a few on top before the sun warmed the water. We fished hard throughout the am with not much to show for our efforts besides a smaller bass that KPV talked into eating.

Around 12:30 JD decided to call it quits and retreat back to the casa for some evening yard duties. With nothing going on I had kind of figured he thought Pop’s was nothing more than a farm pond full of cow manure not the magical bass filled oasis we made it out to be. Honestly after the morning we were having I couldn’t blame him. I had considered jumping ship long before he called it quits, as I was fresh out of barley pops and the biscuit from Guy’s Biscuit Barn had long since ran its course.

We decided to press on anyway and just as JD disappeared from sight I set the hook to what I thought at the time was another blow down. After a few head shakes I realized it was no pine I was into. KPV just so happened to be on the phone at this time, and the fish made a few runs around the boat before making a hard run for open water taking my line along with him. Realizing I was into a good fish KPV abruptly ended the call and began to paddle like hell after the fish. After finally getting some line back and a few more hard runs around the boat I was able to get the fish to the top and catch a glimpse for the first time. Silently I thought to myself looking into the water at this big slob of a bucket mouth “damn KPV was right, there are some big damn fish in this lake”. Somehow we got the fish in the boat and after a few photos we let it go, to hopefully return and grow a little bigger. It was the first time in many years of fishing that I’ve had my fishing partner say “hey, I want my picture made with it to”. We fished a little longer before deciding to call it quits. I text JD a picture as soon as I got home and the reply I got was “Unreal, it only took me packing up and heading home for yard duty.” Unreal is right my man!