Traveling 101

Photos By: Justin Dobson     

Here at Winged Reel we like to travel as much as the boss, boss lady, and money allows. Traveling to new locations is exciting. New scenery is always nice but more so traveling is exciting because you're taking your skills on the road. You've got a limited amount of time to learn a new piece of water and nothing is worse than getting pumped up only to be under gunned and outwitted on the road. I have a traveling preparation protocol I like to follow and it's one that has served me well over the years leading to many extra fishy road trips. Below are the basic rules I follow and although I've condensed it a little, I won't hit the road without making the following preparations.

  • First off once the destination is confirmed, I scour the Internet for the latest fishing reports, hatch charts, license requirements, and water conditions. Fly shops are always a good option for this information if it's not present on the Internet. I'm sure this seems like an obvious part of preparing for a trip but it's worth stating and anything to give me a leg up on the fish I'm all about.
  • Secondly I like to purchase a map of the area I'm going to be fishing. There's nothing worse than losing time on the water being lost. I've found that local/forest service roads tend to have 64 different names so check several sources to verify road names and take a GPS along if you have access to one.
  • Next I always make sure and check my destinations weather daily up until departure. Not having the proper attire for the trip can lead to a miserable one even if the fish are biting.
  • Lastly when it comes to packing I always make a check list. I write down everything I need to pack and I typically start this list several weeks beforehand. It helps to ensure that I don't leave anything important behind. I always pack an extra rod and reel and typically like to buy all of my terminal gear such as leaders and split shot before I leave in case the local shop doesn't have what I need.

So that's the basic plan I like to follow. With a WR road trip on the horizon and my blood pressure through the roof, drop us a comment below if you have some thoughts or packing rituals. Maybe you can help to ease my mind and help me to not feel like I've forgot my wallet the entire ride up.