Summer at the Headwaters

Happy New Year!  In the midst of record cold across most of the country, I give you a short edit to either boost your spirits, or make you clinically depressed.  I love the seasons, but never really appreciate them until their gone.  On a hot weekend in July of 2017, we chose to escape the heat in the shadows of the Appalachian hills under cover of the dense laurels and rhododendrons.  And instead of carrying a rod, I only carried my camera gear.  Jamie knows these streams better than anyone I know and he lead us to the headwaters in search of Georgia's only true native trout. 

In several layers of clothes, and as my tiny space heater struggles to keep my basement where I work above 60 degrees, editing this footage is like watching most of my mid-winter dreams.  Wet wading in cool stream surrounded by a sea of green, casting weightless little dry flies to voracious mountain trout. 

One Man's Trash

“One Man’s Trash” is another man’s treasure. This journey takes us into remote areas of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, seldom ventured into with fly rods, after a toothy species widely disregarded as trash. I’ve been talking about making this film since 2012 when I started Winged Reel. 2016 was the year and the planning was pretty cumbersome. The Okefenokee is a special place for me. One of the last truly wild and remote areas in my home state of Georgia. Like my life’s reset button, it’s an escape from my every day grind. I look forward to discussing more what went into making this film; including some awesome [and not so awesome] experiences with our filming team of 4 friends in the heat, trashy old boat builds, grown men sleeping in train cars and some serious streamer crushing action.

Thanks to the musical talents of:
Tedo Stone (
Josh Thelin; Music Producer, Audio Engineer and owner of All Points Fly Shop + Outfitter ( in South Portland, Maine.
Blue Blood (

By Day, By Night

This short film tells the story of fly fishing guide and musician, Hunter Morris. We’re lucky to have worked with Hunter during the past year and was glad he let us tell his story of the price you pay to do what you love.

Thanks to Hunter and the members of Blue Blood, Fly Fishing North Georgia, Noontootla Creek Farms, The Earl in Atlanta & all the others who helped put this one together and help get it released.

Music: Blue Blood – This is the Life

Fur & Feather

This year we’ve had the pleasure of touring and filming at Noontootla Creek Farms (NCF) in Blue Ridge Georgia on a few occasions.  As most who know it are aware, the fishery is incredible with some very impressive and very “clean” fish as a result of a well managed stream and wild trout population.  I was lucky to have had a chance in December to see a part of the farm I hadn’t seen, which was one of their upland bird hunts.  We worked with Carter Morris, Taylor Morris and their Spaniels Chuck and Belle to film a hunt for quail and pheasant.  I’ve done my share of Turkey hunting, but this is my first time around bird dogs in the field and I have to tell you, I’m impressed!  Incredibly fun to see the dogs work.  It also didn’t hurt that it was an incredibly mild and sunny Georgia December day.

If there is any way possible you could get tired of fishing NCF in a day, a break to hunt birds would surely be a welcomed treat.  Noontootla Creek Farms is a one of a kind place for those who love the outdoors.

Visit for more information on booking your trip.

Fall Bassin'

Headed out on a Fall morning that was just above freezing temps with pals Brian and Joe for some Fall Bassin’. Sunrise was absolutely incredible and I’m kicking myself for leaving lenses at home.  I hate to be the guy to show up with more camera gear than fishing gear but now-a-days that seems to be the norm.   I grew up the son of a tournament bass fisherman but dabble very little in bass fishing now.  Usually invitation only by someone with a private pond or boat.  Can’t say I hate any kind of fishing though.  No matter the quarry, I just love the sport.  Bass fishing on the lakes isn’t just for the tourney conventional tackle guys. Stripers, hybrids, whites and spots call our GA big lakes home and the cooler weather has fish on the move.  Fly fishing is constantly evolving and I try to learn as mush as I can about fishing for all species.  Looking forward to searching for the big bass on the fly.

I Left My Heart

Here’s a short from footage we shot this summer with Capt. Ren of Serenity Fly in Southwest Florida.  As usual, I left behind plenty of big snook and tarpon, as well as a piece of my heart (we’re all human, right?).  That’s what keeps us going back though.  Southwest Florida is an incredible fishery and Ren is familiar with a lot of water.  The scenery and environment are incredible and it’s fair to say there is nothing else like it in the US.  Flights can be found cheap and the Winters are long and looming just around the corner.  Start planning your Winter trip today!

Mountaintown Trout FCA Tourney

We were very fortunate to be able to film the 2nd Annual Mountaintown Trout Fly Fishing Tournament in March of this year.  It really is a top shelf event benefiting a great cause, the FCA.  It was also a great opportunity for us to meet so many good folks who enjoy the sport.  For some participants, it was their first time out, and some had little experience.  So to be able to capture their first fish or big fish on film was extra special.  It was also a chance for us to see so many guides and competitive fishermen in one spot at the same time.  Helping others to catch fish and passing on their knowledge.

Looking forward to 2016!

Noontootla Creek Farms

Noontootla Creek is an amazing creek to begin with. Rugged, natural, crystal clear and healthy. It pours out of the Appalachians near Blue Ridge, GA. Once out of the boundaries of the National Forest, it’s first journey is through Noontootla Creek Farms (or commonly known as NCF). NCF is a 2 mile private stretch of the creek that is arguably the most incredible trout fishing in the region. This short film was shot this Spring in conjunction with Hunter Morris of Spring showers made for an interesting day of fishing and filming. There is certainly no shortage of amazing views and big fish in the creek. This is a fly fishing dream come true.  The fish in this creek have exceptional color. NCF is quite the place, with a lot more to offer than just incredible fly fishing. Keep an eye on our site for more footage from NCF.

For more information on what NCF has to offer, visit: