In 2014, I began a quest to catch a big brown trout (salmo trutta) in the small streams of the southern Appalachia.  Inspired by the catch of a lifetime, a quest and friendly challenge was started amongst friends to bag the king (or queen) of all “butter bellies” within a years time.  #SALMOSEARCH!  During the course of the year, my longest friend and closest fishing companion, Matt, lost his mother to a battle with cancer. In an epic turn of events and unlikely end to salmosearch, Matt returned to fishing to land the fish of a lifetime, with a little help and planning from someone up above.

In loving memory of Ronda Bornhorst

Music and Inspiration from: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Give Me a Sign

Fern Valley

Finished up stitching together the great footage we got from our trip to Fern Valley On The Soque.  What an excellent trip.  It’s so nice to go back and review the play by play action.  You also come to appreciate the day more after watching it back.  Couldn’t have asked for better weather really.  60 something and sunny.  A far cry from filming  Freezin’ last year which was on the same weekend.

If you’re on the mission for a trophy trout or live in a colder climate and need to beat the cabin fever, check out Fern Valley.


At it again, The WR crew with some thoughts on winter fishing and givin’ good reason to be freezin’. This film was shot over the course of three days in North Georgia. An overnight cabin stay turned into an extra night and a food shortage when Atlanta’s “Snowpocalypse” hit in late January. We at first felt cursed by our timing with the weather, looking back we were quite blessed. The trip had some extreme highs and low (not only in temperatures, but in meals and attitudes).

A lot of folks here in the Southeast hang it up when there is plenty of open water. Hope this short film inspires you to bundle up and get out before one of our favorite fishing seasons has passed you by.