One Man's Trash

“One Man’s Trash” is another man’s treasure. This journey takes us into remote areas of the Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, seldom ventured into with fly rods, after a toothy species widely disregarded as trash. I’ve been talking about making this film since 2012 when I started Winged Reel. 2016 was the year and the planning was pretty cumbersome. The Okefenokee is a special place for me. One of the last truly wild and remote areas in my home state of Georgia. Like my life’s reset button, it’s an escape from my every day grind. I look forward to discussing more what went into making this film; including some awesome [and not so awesome] experiences with our filming team of 4 friends in the heat, trashy old boat builds, grown men sleeping in train cars and some serious streamer crushing action.

Thanks to the musical talents of:
Tedo Stone (
Josh Thelin; Music Producer, Audio Engineer and owner of All Points Fly Shop + Outfitter ( in South Portland, Maine.
Blue Blood (