Summer at the Headwaters

Happy New Year!  In the midst of record cold across most of the country, I give you a short edit to either boost your spirits, or make you clinically depressed.  I love the seasons, but never really appreciate them until their gone.  On a hot weekend in July of 2017, we chose to escape the heat in the shadows of the Appalachian hills under cover of the dense laurels and rhododendrons.  And instead of carrying a rod, I only carried my camera gear.  Jamie knows these streams better than anyone I know and he lead us to the headwaters in search of Georgia's only true native trout. 

In several layers of clothes, and as my tiny space heater struggles to keep my basement where I work above 60 degrees, editing this footage is like watching most of my mid-winter dreams.  Wet wading in cool stream surrounded by a sea of green, casting weightless little dry flies to voracious mountain trout.